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Ironcarnum is the creation of Confused Jackal Mage from Monte Cook's Iron Heroes message board. It is a magic system that is entirely feat-driven and thus usable by any class, mechanically integrated into normal rules as much as possible and thus useful to any class, and thematically appropriate for a game like Iron Heroes where magic is a tool rather than a solution to every problem.


Use the sidebar to the right to get to all the juicy stuff. The Gist is an editorial describing some of the goals and reasoning behind Ironcarnum. The Rules is a rundown of the system rules. These are spread out over a few pages, but that's the home base for it all. The Feats is where Ironcarnum truly resides. As a Mastery Category, Ironcarnum is almost nothing but feats. Don't worry, though, it's easy to skim - it's just a one-line description of each feat with links to the full writeups. The Class is where the new Arcanist class lives. You can't have a magic system without a magic specialist. Finally, Musings is an area where my current unordered thoughts reside. It's mainly for my own benefit, but you can skim it to see what I'm working on at the moment.


A Conversions section will be coming soon!


Playtesters are definitely welcome. Any and all feedback on this can be sent to me at jackalmage@gmail.com.


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